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Executable compressor N1

MPRESS - Free high-performance executable packer for PE32/PE32+/.NET executable formats!
MPRESS uses in-place decompression technique, which decompresses the executable without memory overhead or other drawbacks. It is command line tool and could be used from make file.
Now MPRESS has support for .NET Framework v4.0 as well as for .NET x64.
Version 2.18 of the MATCODE Compresor has been released. More ...
MPRESS GUI Version 0.2 has been released and published by DonDD. More ...

Remote Shutdown - Shutdown and power-off, restart or switch to the standby mode any computer on a network running Windows NT/2k or Windows XP.
Command line remote shutdown utility and Wake-On-Lan utility makes possible to manage multiple computers using batch file. More...
NeatSurf - well known IE privacy security utility.
NeatSurf now supports IE7. More...

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