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Easy access to any FAT, FAT32 and NTFS partition using parallel link cable or serial null-modem cable. Run included User Manager, CHKDSK or CIA Unerase on target partition. Manipulate any file on the HOST - Computer Incredible speed by using data compression. Easy to use - all features offered through GUI. More details...

API Spy IconAPIS32 v2.5
It is the best debugging tool to examine Windows API function`s calls which are performed by 32 bit Windows applications. More details...

Remote Shutdown IconRemote Shutdown v1.1
RemoteShutdown allows to remotely (over the network) shutdown and power off, restart or switch to standby mode any Windows NT/2000/XP Workstation or Server. More details...
See also Wake-On-Lan

Protect Z IconProtect Z! v1.53
It is a system security utility which allows you to restrict access to the any non-virtual folders and/or files and edit a lot of different system policies of Windows 95/98/ME. With Protect Z, you can make folders invisible or "read-only", make them undeleteable, unrenameable, unreadable, unwritable, or just keep their attributes as is (unchanged). Highly customizable and user friendly. For personal systems or corporate networks. Evalution version is 100% functional. More details...

CIA Commander IconCIA Commander v1.0
Leatherman for NT administration! More details...

Win32 Intro IconWin32 Intro v0.71
Is an universal unpacker/dumper for Win32 programs. More details...

Win32 Game Wizard IconWin32 Game Wizard v0.85
Is a versatile program which will allow the user to participate more intelligently in computer games or any programs. It permits the user to enhance the features of the game as well as the speed of the game. More details...

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