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API Spy for Windows NT/2000

Version: 1.4

API Spy for Windows NT/2000 allows to performance analysis and examine any known API function`s calls that is documented for APIS32NT and performed by the applications which are located in the described path. Unlike APIS32 for Windows 95/98/NT APIS32NT can work with Windows NT or Windows 2000 only and examine any number of started applications at one time.

Platform: Windows NT4/NT5/2000
Register on-line:ShareIt! | RegSoft
Registration Fee: US $29.00

What’s new in version 1.4

  • Added FLOAT and LPFLOAT argument`s types.
  • Added possibility to examine API calls that is performed by DLLs.

Download APIS32NT:

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FAQ: faq_apis.txt (10 KBytes)
Screenshot: It is here (5 KB)