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Code Examples

Size – 7kb
Load Hive – creates a subkey under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and load a specified registry file (hive) into that subkey. LoadHive can be used to get access to the registry of failed to boot Windows NT/2000/XP or Windows Vista.
Typicaly registry files (hives) are located for Windows NT/2000/XP at:

\%SystemRoot%\System32\config – Local system configuration
\Documents and Settings\%UserName%\NTUSER.DAT – HKEY_CURRENT_USER (in Win2000/XP)
\%SystemRoot%\Profiles\%UserName%\NTUSER.DAT – HKEY_CURRENT_USER (in WinNT)

for Windows 95/98/ME at:

\%WinDir%\system.dat – Local system configuration
\%WinDir%\user.dat – HKEY_CURRENT_USER

if there is present more different users that
in \%WinDir%\Profiles\%UserName%\user.datyou will find HKEY_CURRENT_USER for them.
Download LoadHive with Source Code (10kb)

Size – 5kb
Remote Shutdown (Console) – Remotely (over the network) shutdown or restart any Windows NT/2000/XP Workstation or Server. Possible to specify a message which will be displayed before the computer will be shutdown.
Binary for Windows NT/2k/XP you can download here.
Another command line remote shutdown utility which is able to power-off and switch PC to a standby mode is available here.

Size – 7kb
undocwin.h – Undocumented Win32 functions.

Size – 14kb
RAS Enumerator – Routines to enumerate Remote Access Service`s properties as the User Name, Password, etc. Similar PWL_SHOW but allows to show more specific info and works under Windows 95/98/NT/2000. (SOURCES for Visual C)

Size – 57kb
SIDump – Allow to save memory dump during debuging process under the Soft-Ice for Windows 95/98. (Source codes for Visual C).

Size – 33kb
PWL_SHOW – Routines to show .PWL (Password Windows Library) files of Windows 95/98. Source codes for Visual C, Delphi and Assembler.

Size – 128kb
MODUMP – Little part of APIS32 that dump Imports/Exports sections in a PE file. ( Visual C++, MFC )

Size – 10kb
LDTOOL32- Looking for Descriptors tables under the 32 bit protected mode Windows 95. (SOURCES for Visual C).

Size – 16kb
UView – Simple unicode viewer/editor. (SOURCES INCLUDED for Borland C).

Size – 2kb
ANTIDBUG – AntiDebuging tricks for Pascal or Delphi (SOURCE CODES for Pascal or Delphi).

Size – 36kb
DisAsm – 386 mode 16 bit disassembler (SOURCE – Pascal, Delphi).

Size – 0.8Kb
PC_PSWND – Is a very small program which allows to see passwords under the “stars” in a password fields Windows 95/98 (SOURCE – Assembler).